Online roulette

Roulette FAQ

What makes a good online roulette site?

An excellent online roulette site has at first glance a solid series of colors that move seamlessly from one tone to another. In short, very good graphics and smooth animation. However, they should also present a healthy series of caster variants with pickets to be appropriate, enjoyable or useful for all portfolios. You should also have a vast knowledge of deposit methods at hand and guaranteed quick withdrawals. Finally, the site must be secure at all costs. It must have the prior authorization of the competent authorities to guarantee the security of your money as well as your data, and the RNGs (Random Number Generators) who manage and determine the wheel are required to undergo independent audits in a normal manner, following the rules, at equal intervals.

Our entire Great Team of experienced people, who have acquired great skill through experience, through gambling practice, considers that the best roulette casinos are Ruby Fortune, Spin Palace, Jackpot City and Royal Vegas.

How does online roulette compare to the live version?

Online roulette on the phone. It is quite good to remember that, online roulette does not have a human dealer, you do not fight for space with the players at a table, and you are in charge of the rotation. At least, let's be clear that all the bets present are only a mouse click away: so, make your choice of bets, take the courage to place your chips on the table, and cash out whenever you want without having to alert a dealer. In addition to what makes life more pleasant, more comfortable, you will also be able to get a game to the best online roulette casinos at much lower stakes than a land game, and sometimes even free of charge. That is, without remuneration, without compensation.

Which variant has the best chance of winning?

Finding the most favorable roulette odds is about finding the lowest house edge (the Fortune casino's statistical advantage over the player). This honor goes to European roulette. Since the European has only one zero point (0) instead of the additional 00 bets of American Roulette, the casino house's edge is reduced from 5.26% to about 2.6%.

Do these sites offer direct reseller roulette?

The good online sites all have direct reseller roulette. Live Dealer or Live Casino Roulette will make it easier for you to place bets on your computer. A real roulette wheel will be closely monitored by a human dealer set in a movie studio or a land-based casino. The action is reproduced to you through a webcam, and you then have the opportunity to chat with the dealer while he is leading, leads all the action.

Mobile experience versus office experience - what is best?

Just like the situation will be, then, it would be better to look at what comes and goes first, in time. The desktop roulette allows more diversity and interaction on the screen. While, roulette has less detail in the games (so that the table blends in with the circumstances, the middle of your tiny screen), but you have the pleasure of leading the game on the move anywhere.

Can I play the game on multiple devices with a single account?

Yes, of course! The best online roulette casinos provide both a desktop computer and a mobile client simultaneously so that you can connect to one or the other client depending on how your device works. The account is the same, so your winnings will go to the same store anyway.

How are the sites rated?

All the Great Team that we constitute, we examine the sites according to a series of elements that serve as a basis for a judgment. Criteria, particularly the range of more important modifications, the quality of the software, the available stakes, and the most important on the deposit methods and the speed of payments. We take the time to know exactly the customer support so that we are not mistaken, that it is up to date and that it can resolve even the smallest complaint or request.

How does roulette compare to other games of chance?

Nothing beats the intense emotion, the slight movement or even the thrill that accompanies an emotion to see a roulette wheel spin and the ball stop in the number on which the choice has been made (pay 35/1 your money - a large amount for a casino game). In a land-based casino in Oz, the crowds will be in a mental disorder characterized by hallucinations, great psychological excitement, physical agitation, and inconsistent actions and words. So, we expect the place to get pumped. Craps only match this joyful part of the globe at the casino. Nevertheless, you also can always take great advantage of triggering, shaking the wheel on your computer. Elsewhere, some online casinos submit the Live Dealer Roulette or Immersive Roulette, where you will be able to track everything via a camera placed on the wheel itself.

Is it possible to test yourself first?

In any case, to get by in a casino, it is always to start with game simulations, a little bit in an aerial simulator to play for real money. Generally, it is free of charge. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the game world. Many people do this and get away with it easily during the different phases of the game.